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Japanese Medieval Spirits Before Samurai Era -10 tales from Uji-shui Monogatari

Uji-shui Monogatari is one of great Japanese old literature made in 12-13 centry.

Equal to other famous stories such as Arabian Nights or Grimm's tall tales, Uji-shui Monogatari kept clear and vivid images of Japanese medieval era when the nobles had powers and samurais were just attendants for them.
ayamarido chose 10 most inportant stories for this to promote Japanese old literature to the world.

I don't know if there is any demand for this kind of book, but if there is, I will make another extracts of Uji-shui, since this book covers only 1-7th columes. (Although there are many fine stories from 8-15 volumes, they are not included.)

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